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On Social Media

I have been thinking a lot about social media recently; my presence here, how I show up and what it means in the grander scheme of things. Because I hear so so often about how this platform affects people, how it can be a great source of inspiration and creativity, but also how we can be drawn to compare and judge our own lives based on how others have carefully presented theirs. I was born in the early 90’s, I’ve seen how it has evolved and rooted itself into nearly every aspect of our lives. I’ve seen friends become deeply depressed and unsatisfied with what they have because they are constantly flooded with imagery of what they do not. But I have also seen communities grow, even here around my own platform. For connection to happen between people that may have never met otherwise. For there to be online gatherings of like-minded souls that are willing to come here and share in the mess and joy that this life can be. And because of that, I want to be more intentional here. Because I was a writer before I was a yogi (or anything else for that matter), and my mission has always been to dive headfirst into life, to not turn away from the intensity of it all but instead let it flood over me, so that I might be able to sit with it, process and digest it and, just maybe, come out the other side with something valuable to share. Something that reminds us that there are two sides to every coin, that every shadow has a light source, and that we can hold those two truths within us at the same time. I want us to use these modern resources, not to disconnect further, but to come back to each other and back to ourselves. You with me?

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