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show up, work hard, rest, and let it go.

My hope is that you get to have time to be with yourself within the container of being with one another. A time to move through the energies we’ve been holding in our bodies, to generate heat out of our own dedicated effort, to be able to stay with ourselves in both action and rest, to practice being. I hope this experience resets us, that we are able to have agency and make choices around what we need and how we get it. I hope we have fun, and are able to laugh. I hope we see ourselves in one another, and are able to connect.

Practice Online

Weekly Live Stream Classes

- Mondays @ 6pm | Vinyasa

Recorded Class Library

- All live stream classes are recorded and added to the growing class library.

Practice In Person

The People's Yoga NE


- 4pm Vinyasa + Rest


- 4pm Vinyasa + Rest


- 4pm Vinyasa + Rest

- 12:30pm Vinyasa + Rest

Portland Rock Gym


- 11am Vinyasa

4:30pm Vinyasa 


- 7:15am Sunrise Yoga


- 6pm Dynamic Vinyasa

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