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Teacher Mentorship

Your Life is Your Practice.

Yoga is a lens through which we practice seeing and sensing how all things are connected. In these sessions there is no prescription, no diagnoses, no one-size-fits-all. There is no "fixing." Each session is focused on re-learning and re-membering the wholeness and aliveness that you already are. Accessing the innate healing quality that we all hold within ourselves.


We will work together to identify points of misalignment and energy blockage in your daily movement practice as well as honor all of the ways in which you are already strong and able. A series of customized drills and practice will be provided to help you to use your own strength and awareness to re-pattern your movements, unwind tensions, re-align compensations, and allow you to move and act in this world from the wholeness of your being.

  • Learn healthy and efficient breathing

  • Relieve pain and discomfort

  • Develop and advance your home practice

  • Explore functional, natural movement

  • Build strength and increase range of motion

  • Rehabilitate and prevent injury

  • Ease low back pain

  • Manage stress and anxiety with meditation, energetics, and ceremony

  • Acquires tools and practices for self-care (self-massage, restorative asana)

Mentorship is for you if...


Awaken Package (4 sessions)   -    $399

Ignite Package (8 sessions)      -    $750

Sessions may include: embodied movement, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, ritual or ceremony, energy healing, self-massage, and hands-on techniques.

Embodied movement is a practice; there is no test, or race, or endpoint. It is a process, of having an experience with and within your body. It is a union, a tethering of mind, body, and spirit.


Within this deeper understanding of ourselves, we are able to rehabilitate old wounds, prevent new injury, and bring a holistic sense of wellbeing to our lives.

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