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Tonight I am leading the Opening Circle of Yoga Union’s 2019 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. It will be the the fourth year that I have been involved in the program. The first year I was a student; the second, Annie Adamson’s apprentice, and for the last two years I have been settling into my own space; finding where I fit, and refining my own expertise to offer. I have worked in studio management for the better half of a decade. Five studios, I know what behind the scenes look like in the yoga business world. And it is because of this experience that, in the last four years since moving to Portland and embarking on this teaching journey, I have been able to build a sustainable, fulfilling life for myself teaching full time. Knowing Sanskrit names and alignment cues is huge, but knowing how to connect and communicate with your fellow humans (including you) is truly the heart of this practice. I am honored to embark on another year of guiding this kind of study. 💛

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