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Storms happen.

We woke up early this morning to get on a boat to visit the cove where we spread my Oma’s ashes three years ago. We sat on the beach in the dark, and waited for the sun to rise. As soon as it got light enough, we realized that the beach wasn’t sand, but a bed of tiny rainbow colored sea glass. We also found out the boat wasn’t coming, the tour had been cancelled and our trip rescheduled. Vacations are always a bit weird because of how much to try to plan and schedule to make it perfect, and it just never ever turns out that way (kind of like the rest of life). Things get cancelled, storms happen, but I think in the end, for most of us, it’s the small unexpected unplanned moments that we end up remembering the most. I am grateful for this time with my family in this land, and for these reminders (both gentle and not so much) that we have only so much time on this earth, and that we’re really never in control of anything, and that all we have are these moments and the choice of how fully we allow ourselves to experience them.

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