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Alright friends, I’m back from my insta-post/blog hiatus. This seasonal shift has brought with it lots of sweet things (like these giant peach roses), but also a surprise springtime round of depression. Added to the physical wretchedness my body is experiencing recently, I went a bit under ground. I gave myself the space to wilt in the ways I needed to, reminded myself it’s okay not to be in bloom all the time. Most of the time I don’t notice when I’ve fallen out of love with life; all of my practices and therapy just begins to slip. I stop eating well, it’s uncomfortable to be in my body, I stay home alone, I stop caring. And then, surprise, I feel like total garbage. But this is where I get to fall back in love with life. The magic is in the return; the journey back to my body is never easy and rarely fun, but every time I learn a great deal about what it’s like to be flawed and human in this world, and I remember that there is no way I’m the only one who feels like this. Long story short, I love you guys and hold your hearts in my heart. And I am so grateful to be on this earth with you.

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