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Healing process.

There is no such thing as an endpoint when it comes to healing. No moment in the future where we get to say, “I did it. I ate all the right foods, did all of the yoga, cut out all of the toxins, invested in my community and now, I have finally achieved ‘health and well-being.’” It doesn’t exist. I am learning over and over again that this healing is a process, whether it be illness or physical injury or trauma or any of it. It’s not helpful to be looking and hoping for a time when it’s all figured out and everything feels great and everyone is happy. Because even if that moment does come, there is still life to live after and things shift and change and the process continues. The healing is in every moment, in learning to recognize my triggers and patterns, to be able to sit in my darkness and not let it consume me, but let it teach me more about myself and how I can meet myself with more compassion and patience. And in knowing that with every episode I have, I will learn a little more and be more prepared for the next time around.

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