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Proprioception is our sense and understanding of where we are in space. It is the sense that we are whole human beings in that all of our parts are intimately and intricately connected. Proprioception is often also associated with our intuition. In more primitive times, we relied heavily on these senses for protection, to travel in the dark, or to sense unseen danger. Modern times do not require the sense to act in this way as much, but our proprioceptive sense is still deeply linked to our sense safety and competency. A lack of connection to your proprioceptive sense can be a major cause of anxiety. This is especially prominent in super flexible yogis who have a tendency towards joint laxity and instability in their joints which also hinders proprioceptors to effectively send their messages to the brain.

Effective ways to begin to train your proprioceptive sense:

- Add load. By adding even a little weight, we can invite more of those sensors to fire and get a better sense of where we are in space. There is also incredible research out there about the use of weighted blankets for anxiety disorders and trauma. - Sight Sensory Deprivation (SSD): Practice movement with your eyes closed and map your body with your brain. Practice seeing and sensing movement without the use of your eyes.

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