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Relationships are hard.

Relationships are hard. And when things get hard, my tendency has always been to run away. But being in this long-term, super grown-up, living-together kind of relationship has been one of my greatest practices. A practice that constantly demands presence, authenticity, vulnerability, clear communication, kindness, strength, and surrender. And a lot of the time we fall short. Times when we get angry, impatient, reactive. Times when we take out our stress on each other. Times when I have closed the door to my heart, convinced I would never be so stupid as to expose it again. But I always do. Because despite the hardship, this practice has never not been worth it. Because every step of the way, I know that I have a partner who is committed to navigating this strange and unpredictable landscape with me. Because we are committed to supporting each other in becoming the absolute best versions of ourselves. Because the pure unbridled joy I have felt outshines the rest. I am grateful for the heartbreak that I have felt in my life, because it has deepened my understanding of what it means to love another person, and that this love is very much alive and ever-changing, and has so many lessons to offer. #practicemakespractice

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