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Six years of ❤️

In the midst of wedding planning and mutual work craziness, we almost forgot that this week marks SIX YEARS of being together. ✨ I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve spent most of my life convinced that I would never get married; that it wouldn’t change anything, and that, if I wanted to spend my life with someone, I would regardless of whether there was some legal document saying I would. But I’ll also be the first to admit that I was wrong. I think, in truth, I was terrified that I’d never have what it takes to build a marriage based in trust, vulnerable and honest communication, and a mutual willingness to stay and wade through the muck of life with another human being. But I’m not afraid anymore. I have no doubts that we will be able to build a marriage like that because, over the last six years, we have built a partnership rooted in all of those things. We graduated together, planned and launched our businesses and careers together, travelled the world, processed grief and death and loss together. But more than anything, I said yes because there have been several times in our relationship that things have gotten really fucking hard, that it probably would have been easier to call it quits and walk away. And despite it all, we’ve known in our hearts that the joy and love that we share is worth the sometimes sucky stuff, and that as long as we face a problem together as a team (even when we don’t like each other much), and challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, that we will continue to grow in the wild, complicated, wonderful thing called love. I am so excited to continue this life with you @garrettguinn. Happy six years. ❤️

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