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I told you all that I would be honest here. Because, while social media obviously has the ability to create facade and disconnection, I think it also creates a powerful platform for us to share our stories, especially for those of us coming out of pasts that are hard to speak about in person. So I told you that I would be honest, sharing both the light and the shadow; and I was, and then I wasn’t. Because in the midst of my search for solace in (and simultaneous denial of) my depression these last few months, posting only the highlights of my life was all I could do to remind myself of the good that I have in those moments. But here is a truth, one that I am speaking out loud so that it doesn’t hold so much power to fester inside of me: the worst thing about my depression is that it is episodic, and that there are stretches of time where I function just fine, and I always ALWAYS seem to convince myself that I have finally found something that works, so