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As a child, I was raised Irish Catholic; we went to mass every Sunday, I was trained as an altar girl, baptized, and took communion. I said my prayers every night before bed, asked God for help, and created long lists of gratitudes. And though I’ve left that path for many reasons, that time of the week each Sunday morning still holds for me a potency for ritual, prayer, and a connection with that which is larger than myself. Because of that, I am so honored to be taking over the Sunday 11am Unity Flow at Yoga Union. This was the first public class I ever took in Portland (at the time taught by the full-hearted Diana Hulet) and there is no class I’ve dreamt of teaching more. My intention for this class is for it to be for you, to connect with community, to your body, and to the wholeness and spaciousness within you. All levels, everyone is invited. Starts Sunday, June 3rd. ✨ See you there.

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