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Vulnerability practice, pt. 2

Two years ago, I was struggling to recover from violent depressive episodes and various forms of dependency. I could barely speak to strangers, let alone speak in front of a group of people. Since then I have built myself, slowly (and not without feeling failure deeply and often), one piece at a time. I am not saying I've figured it all out. I am saying that by investing in yourself, really taking the time and creating the space to step willingly into your own darkness, you might return with a seed of light, a newfound compassion for those "broken" parts of yourself. And the more you nurture them, rather than hide them away, the more compassion you might have for yourself. I could not, ever, do this alone, and I am infinitely grateful for those who continue to stand by me, even when it would be much easier to walk away. I am who I am today, because of that investment I made in myself, and because of the incredible magically badass women in my life, my wild and creative man, friends, family and all of you who continue to do this dark soul work in a time when it is more necessary than ever. This is not where I thought this post was going, and it continues to terrify me to open up about these things, but there it is. I've spent enough time learning to love myself to try and convince anyone else. #vulnerabilitypractice

(Me with my teachers/sisters/friends: Winter Pemberton, Annie Adamson, and Pixie Lighthorse)

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