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Shifting into Spring

Moving my altar/desk out from my resting space was the best decision I've made all year. Ever since we moved into the city, I have been struggling to find inspiration in my art, in my writing, in my daily rituals. And at the same time, for the past year I have been experiencing seemingly unexplainable insomnia, nightmares, & teeth-grinding. I finally realized that these two intense energies, the creative flow and restoration, cannot exist in the same room. At least, not for me, not at this time. As soon we moved my creative space to the living room, where there is more light, more access points to nature, everything shifted. My hands have been busy, my mind busier. My rituals are more consistent, I am finding time to study and practice the things I want to learn more about. And best yet, I am sleeping through the night. ✨ Spring is a great time to get clear about your intentions, about which seeds you want to nurture, and which aspects of your life you just don't vibe with anymore. And about where you might be able to find just a little more balance.

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