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Private Yoga Sessions

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subbing classes at:

Private sessions are an opportunity outside of the realm of group classes to go deeper with your practice, get individualized attention, and work towards your specific needs and goals. Whether you are a beginner who wishes to learn the basics, a student wanting to establish a strong home practice, or a practiced yogi working towards advanced postures, private sessions can provide the space and guidance that you need.

Private sessions can focus on:

  • Home-practice development

  • Healthy and efficient breath techniques

  • Safe modifications for yoga classes

  • Meditation & ritual

  • Self-care

Anna also offers semi-privates, if you'd like to have a friend or family member join you.  

Yoga in the Workplace

Looking for a way to support your staff team? Inviting a regular on-site yoga practice to the workplace has proven to be extremely beneficial for stress reduction, improved concentration, overall wellness, and team bonding.

Contact Anna at annamitrayoga@gmail.com for more information on Private Services.